Thursday, October 25, 2012

So Much Progress!

Wow,  I can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted anything - if you are reading this, thank you so much for sticking by my blog!!

Where to start?  Well my absence was mostly due to my new career - being a realtor is tougher than I imagined.  I had two rental clients plus a whole bunch of new agent classes and the past month has been exhausting!  Things are starting to settle down now and once we are in the new house it will be even better.  3 more months, just 3 more months!!

There was only one visit out to the house that I skipped blogging about, and it wasn't too exciting, so on to today!

First off here is the outside, all the brick is going up!

The really exciting part about today was that I got to see the inside for the first time!  The house is pretty dark since there is no lighting and just framing, plus it was so gray out, so I apologize for the dark pics.

Here is the living room window, the master is the same minus the transom.
Each building only has one home with the bay windows and I'm so lucky that it is ours.

 This is the master bathroom, the guy is sitting my "tub" lol.

My closet:

The laundry room:

Hall bathroom:

Ronnie's office:

My office slash guest room:

Back down stairs again, here is a wider shot of the living room.

And here is the kitchen:

Finally, the back side.  Only the bottom balcony is ours, the other is for the unit above us.  And our garage is the one on the right.

My mind is swimming with all the decorating projects I want to do and I need your help.  Should our first round of projects be tile/painting or furniture.  One part of me says furniture is more useful, but the other part says lay the foundation before you decorate.  Please share what you think I should spend $$ on first!!

xx Heather

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