Monday, August 16, 2010

Leather Flowers

I've always enjoyed ripping apart my clothing and turning it into something new. Usually I do this to t-shirts, but this time it was a pair of shoes that starting calling my name.

I bought a pair of baby phat shoes last fall that looked really cute in the ads. They were OK in person, but they seriously hurt my feet - I think I wore them a total of three times. They are covered in leather fringe petals, hmm petals , so.... I cut them all off.

Here is the before and after:

aren't the petals fab?

Ok, so petals.. you must know that I am going to make flowers!!!

I started by roughly cutting a circle from an old t-shirt and gathered up all my petals:

Then I starting hot gluing them in a circle.  The pattern on the shoes was silver, copper, silver, platinum; so I followed the same.

Once I got to the third layer, I began overlapping the petals.

Then I finished it off with some prima heart bling for the center.

I had a ton of petals left, so I made three more flowers using each color on it's own:

The platinum flower got a light pink bling center that I adhered with both hot glue and stickles.

The copper flower got a pearl center - the bead came from an old necklace.

The silver flower also got a pearl center from the same necklace.

I glued a brooch pin onto the back of each flower - I think they will look awesome on a fall coat.



  1. Now that's recycling! Love the shoes, and the flowers!! VERY creative.

  2. Yes, I like this, Heather! What a great idea! I was thinking pin or brooch, as well. They are very big on plain cardigans and tees, too.

  3. WOW.. aren't you a genius! I wouldn't have thought of that, no way no how. Love what you made from them. Amazing upcycling!
    Thanks for your visit today.

  4. The flowers are adorable, the shoes too for that matter! The cute ones always hurt the worst!!


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