Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cocktail Napkin Swap

Pink Martinis and Pearls hosted a swap recently with the cutest theme - cocktail napkins!

I went over to Homegoods to pick up the goodies for my recipient, Stuttering Shell,  since they always have great stuff.  I ended up finding a gift set that included napkins and wine charms in a cute summer fruit theme:

And my sender, Sweet Southern Prep, sent me these:
"Cocktails and Shopping could be Dangerous" - too cute!

Here's to a great Summer!


  1. Cute swap! They have such pretty {and sometimes funny} cocktail napkins out. I recently picked up a package for myself {have no idea what I'm going to do with them} in a pink and brown with desserts an it and it says something like, "Eat dessert first . . .". I liked the colors and the design on them more than anything.

  2. Love all those cocktail napkins. Thanks for stopping by the Pemberley giveaway!

  3. Both are super cute! =) ~Liz


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