Thursday, July 22, 2010

CSN Review

When CSN stores offered me the opportunity to do a product review, I was really excited to see that I could choose the Rabbit Aerator - a product I have been wanting to try for a while.

Just after I opened the bottle of wine, I realized my camera battery was dead - so sorry, no pics!
This is the product pic from CSN's store -

Ok, so I opened a bottle of red and poured a glass.  Then I put the aerator into the bottle.  It popped right in without any struggling to make a seal.  Then I poured a second glass.

{pretend there is a picture here of two glasses, labeled A and B}

So I took my sip from glass A and it tasted just like a freshly opened bottle of red - not ready just yet.  I normally let a bottle breathe for at least 15 minutes, longer if I can stand to wait.
Then I took my sip from glass B.  WOW - this aerator works!  The wine was great, it tasted like it had been breathing for an hour.

I am totally loving this product - no more waiting on a bottle of red, I can get my drink on as soon as I want.

The checkout process with CSN was great, too.  I didn't have to click through a million pages to place my order, all the fields were laid out clearly and I was able to place my order quickly.  My order shipped out the day after I placed my order with UPS.

I am so happy with both my rabbit aerator and CSN's service - you will be, too!


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