Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm in a Rut :(

I've been in a rut lately and that means no projects to share.  Mostly because it is summer, and if I'm not on a beach (and I'm not) I do not like the temperature to go past 84 degrees.  Side note:  at 9am it is 90 degrees and it is going to reach 101 today :/

I did get some new toys this weekend - a heat gun, embossing glue, and UTEE.  My first project is to cover some chip letters with UTEE and glitter.

I've only made 5 of the 14 letters I want to do.  This new technique is very different from anything I have tried before.  It's taking me some trial and error and I think I need to re-watch some youtube videos.

But I think the main reason this rut came on was that my brain has shifted from "fun and crafty" to "glam and girly".  I've been a wee bit obsessed with....

Luxurious skin care:

Pretty dresses, like these two from Halston Heritage:
halston dresses
And shoes, I think these would be great for my cousin's wedding Labor Day weekend:

Then there is this Dooney & Bourke iPad Case, I ordered an iPad and it will ship July 20th, I can't wait!

I think I might stay in La La Land a bit longer.

I haven't gotten a big response for my swap idea, so here is a bit more info:  I would place participants in groups of four.  You would send your 3 group mates the same recipe along with some goodies to help them make it.  So if you are interested please let me know!!



  1. I think the swap sounds like fun! Count me in too! But would it be easier just to have one swap partner...I am thinking cheaper to mail to just one not three?

  2. Hi Heather!

    I've been in a rut myself, and into the glitz and glamour. Hmm, could summer have anything to do with it? lol! I like your fashion pics...good taste! =)

    The neighborhood I took pictures of is called Snow Hill and it's off route 29 in Warrenton, VA. Most of the homes are all brick, it’s a gorgeous community.

    Have a fabulous day! ~Liz

  3. I find I'm not up to much in the creative and crafty department either, Heather. I think it is the time of year and the warmer weather. I do have a few projects I could work on, but nothing that is really motivating me to move on it. Plus, I have to make a trip to the store to get some things to finish those projects up properly.

  4. It's 100 degrees here. That much heat will that to you. Stay cool!

  5. I can't wait to read your review of the ipad.....but I DO LOVE the cover!! Cute!

  6. Nothing wrong with a little break.

  7. I just wanted to let you know that I left "The Versatile Blogger" award for you on my blog.



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