Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baking Challenge - September '10

Oh boy, this one was a disaster!

Blackberry Cloud-Cake with Pistachios - another overly ambitious, silly dessert from the Martha Stewart Kitchens.

Let me first point out two things:
1.  I always struggle with whipping egg whites into stiff peaks.
2.  I have yet to make a successful jelly roll.

I went all Pioneer Woman here and did a "Cast of Characters" shot.  I bought frozen berries because the fresh ones were very expensive.  I also skipped the pistachios for the same reason.  That container of egg whites equals 8 eggs, so that was a shell and yolk saver :)  And I used white wine instead of white wine vinegar.

I decided to skip preparing the berries for the garnish.

I whisked and whisked those eggs and could not get those stiff peaks, so I gave up and finished my batter anyway.  And poured it into the pan:
Wow, that filled up the pan completely!!

With six minutes left to bake, the cake looked like it was about to explode in my oven.

Exhibit A - you can see the cracks
Exhibit B - you can see the cake going over the edge.

After all this drama, I kept on going and made the mousse - uneventful.

Then I flipped out the cake.
a bit weird looking; sticky, too

I spooned on the mousse and rolled it up:
What a work of art!

And then had a slice
what is that strange gelatinous looking layer?

It didn't taste too great and it was so ugly - I just dumped it.  Disaster averted.

I started this challenge almost two years ago in order to try out new recipes, techniques and tools; and I've learned some things along the way.

  • I really like making cookies, brownies and cupcakes.
  • I don't like working with fruit.
  • I don't like whipping egg whites.
  • I don't like making "fancy" desserts.
  • I made up this whole challenge and I can change the rules whenever I want!
So starting next month, I am going to do things a little different :)



  1. Yum!! I am drooling over your photos! ;)

    I wanted to stop by and pass an award your's The Versatile Blog Award!!! I have really enjoyed your blog, craft ideas, and recipes. XOXO ~Liz

  2. Amen to THAT last one under what you've learned!

    So glad that you can post something like this to assure us that there are, indeed, SOME folks who aren't doing everything Martha perfect.

    Love your blog!!! I am new to this so I'll be checking out some of your older posts cuz I can tell I can learn alot from you!

  3. LOL, I make up my own rules too. Too bad it didn't turn out though. I enjoyed the post anyway! :)

  4. Good try...didn't even taste good? I hate that!

  5. I swear this always happens to me. If the Martha Stewart photos weren't always so amazing looking, maybe we wouldn't get our hopes up! Oh well, good effort.


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