Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hooray for Fall!

Fall is by far my favorite season.  Every year I come to hate summer more and more.  I am just not cut out for heat.  And so, by the day after memorial day I am desperate for fall and I could cry tears of joy when September comes along.

I need to move North, like Alaska north.  Well really, upstate NY north, but whatever....

My trip to HomeGoods was so-so.  There was a lot of Halloween stuff left, but the really cute items were gone and a lot of the merchandise was damaged.

The second I walked in the door, this pumpkin plate caught my eye and I snatched it right up.

I love the pretty taupe color and the 3D metallic stem

I found a yummy smelling candle and it is currently burning on my coffee table.

The main reason for my trip was to finish up my mantle - I don't have much Halloween decor.  Here is a reminder of the before:

And here is my after:
Moving from left to right:
The Beware sign is a new HG purchase - they have a bunch of words there but the little ghost and swirls won me over.

The plate was already there, the ceramic pumpkin came from Target last year and the wire pumpkin from Michael's last week.

The mirror was an awesome find from HG last January (can you tell I love HG??).

My husband picked out the No Evil gargoyle trio at Michael's last year.  The barn star was also found at Michael's last year.

The witch is my other HG purchase.  Her skirt says "are you a good witch or a bad witch?" - Love It!!
Her packaging came with some black marabou, so I took it off to wrap around my candle holder.

Then we have the other two halves of my pumpkin sets and finally the hurricane filled with silk leaves.

I'd still like to find some more goodies.  I need a taper for the candle holder and I really want to get some purple up there.  I'd also like something sparkly or twinkly to add some light - it is feeling a bit drab.

Happy Fall Y'All!!


  1. I know I bought stuff on clearance last year, but I haven't seen it yet! I love buying up the things on clearance, but I think I need a better way to store them ~ a way where it will be right in my face when I actually want to use it.

    Have you gotten your Goody Swap package? I'm just checking to make sure everyone got theirs.

  2. You're definitely getting there though! Such cute little items...LOVE it! I just don't have storage space for after the holiday, so keep my mantel pretty much the same all year until Christmas!

  3. Hi Heather!!

    I love you Fall finds, very pretty! Your mantle looks great and so festive! I feel the same as you about summer. I dislike the Virginia heat and humidity, blah! Isn't fall gorgeous in Virginia? The leaves are all starting to change with all the brilliant it! Thanks for sharing. I will have to make a trip to HomeGoods.

    Have you ever been to a Hobby Lobby? Well, I am so excited because they are opening one in Fredericksburg, October 10th, I believe. If you've never been to one, you are going to LOVE it!

    Have a great day! ~Liz

  4. great mantle, beautiful blog

    so glad that I stopped by

  5. Looks good! I'm crazy jealous of those gargoyles.

  6. So glad you linked up! I love your little witch and the beware sign--so cute! Thanks for linking up Heather. I've missed you and your mantel!


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