Sunday, December 2, 2012

Real Live Rooms!

My hubby and I took a quick visit out to the house yesterday to see the drywall installed.  It is so cool how different it feels now with the rooms enclosed then when just the framing was in.  It really feels like a home now and I am so excited to move - I hope the next month and a half flys by because I can't wait to be there!

The sidewalks were dry and it was so nice to just walk up to the front door instead of climbing through mud and rocks.

Here is the Living Room, the first floor isn't too different with the drywall since it is one big open room.  You see that big black box on the floor?  That is a propane heater.  Ugh, it was HOT and throwing off some nasty fumes.  We made our visit pretty quick b.c of it so if the pictures aren't too great it's because I was rushing to get out.

Here is the kitchen, the cabinets should be in this week or next!

View from the stairs - I love this angle!

My office/guestroom.  I need to figure out a better spot to take pictures from for the two offices/bedrooms.

Hubby's office.

Guest bathroom.

Laundry Room.

Our bedroom.

I am so in love with these windows!

Our bathroom - that tub keeps calling my name and I can't wait to get in it.

The garage was still full of cabinets and doors and trim (oh my!)  They should be installed soon and the first coat of paint will also be going up.  There is about one month of construction left, plus holidays and inspections, so we should be settling by Jan 15th.  I keep promising more exciting photos and I think they are finally coming.

xx Heather

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  1. How fun to actually get inside and take a sneak peek! You got some good pics! I'll be you are so excited to move on in! :)


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