Friday, November 30, 2012

No Good Granite

So I kinda made a big stink over the granite.  There were 11 options offered by the builder and not one of them was exactly what I wanted.  If I had it my way, we would have had Giallo Ornamental:

Light, creamy and brownish (still kinda bummed that we couldn't get that one)

So the next best option was Giallo Veneziano:

Darker, but still in the brown-ish family, except this one has a tendency to read a little pink.  And even though pink is my favorite color, I really don't want it in my kitchen.

Anyways, because I kept yammering on about the pink, they let me go preview the slabs before they are cut.  Before I got there, the granite rep. told me that she wasn't happy with them and replacements were already ordered, but I will wanted to check them out.

I thought the color was pretty good, but...

There were a few of these ugly blemishes :(

So the new slabs arrived at the warehouse today and I will go check them out on Monday.  Fingers crossed that the color is good and there are no icky spots.

Tomorrow, we go to pick out our kitchen backsplash and powder room accent wall - YAY!!

xx Heather


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