Thursday, November 29, 2012

45 more days!

We are about 45 days from closing!!  I hadn't been out to see the house in almost 2 weeks because of Thanksgiving, but I stopped by yesterday and I was so pleased with all the progress I saw.

Driving up I could see that all of the siding was up for the whole building.  They were also pouring the cement sidewalks.

Since I couldn't get in through the front door I walked around back to try the garage.

So close to looking finished!  And the gravel on the driveway is gone.  The asphalt still needs to be poured, but that gray stuff is solid.

When I opened the garage door I was excited and bummed.

All of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, doors, and trim are waiting to be installed.  But it also meant that I couldn't get into the house that way either :(  I caught a little peek and it looks like all of the drywall is complete.  I'm hoping I can get into the house on Saturday so I can get some more pics.
xx Heather

1 comment:

  1. WOW--they've been making some definite progress! It's looking good! :)

    Hope your holiday season is going well!


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