Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let's Talk Paint Pt. 2

We have about two months to go, so that means it is time to start getting down to business!  The inspections are wrapping up this week and hopefully the drywall will be up just after Thanksgiving.  Then comes all the trim and cabinetry, tile, flooring, and everything else that will make it look like a real home!

I ordered all my paint samples and got to work making my big samples on poster board.  

I've changed the paint plan a bit.  Now that I am working, I won't be able to paint myself and since we are going to hire a painter we are going to have the whole house done.
The first color choice is for the whole house except the laundry room and two full bathrooms. 

Both colors are Martha Stewart - the left is Heavy Goose and the right is Sharkey Grey.  My initial thought was for the Heavy Goose and while I think it looks great with the hardwood, it looks too blue with the carpet.  Sharkey grey looks great with both and I think it will be a great backdrop for the whole house.  Kind of a greige color :)

The choice for the two full bathrooms was easy!  The lightest color, Weathered Sandstone (Behr)  was way too light and looked so peachy and awful with the tile I'm not even showing it.  The left is Mushroom Bisque (Behr) and the right is Buckwheat Flour (MS).  They are so close, but Buckwheat Flour wins because it is a hair lighter and neither bathroom has any windows.

 The last choice is my turqoiuse for the laundry room.  I didn't have anything to match it to, but the washer and dryer will be white and eventually I'll have white cabinets installed.
Sweet Rhapsody (behr, left) is a little too bright and childish.  Lagoon (MS, right)  feels a bit more sophisticated and I like it better.

Even though I pretty much have my mind made up, I still want to bring the big samples out to the house to see them in the rooms and get a sense of the light out there.  The light my apartment gets and the light the new house gets is pretty different.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  We are leaving to visit family in two days, so I won't have any updates on the house until after the holiday!

 xx Heather

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