Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Come Tour The Model With Me!

The Models at our community are officially open and today I went by to attend the Broker's Luncheon they were hosting.  Already the base price of the home has gone up and it sounds like they have stopped offering some of the incentives.  This area is getting HOT and I am so glad we got in early :)

There are also two new large shopping/town centers going in about 1/4 mile from us and yesterday I made a wish that we get a Michaels and a Home Goods.  Can you believe I found out today that my wish came true and both of those stores are planned to go in?!?!  I hope they are open before christmas next year.

Enough babble, let me show you around!

This is the master bedroom, nice and spacious...

...Her closet...

...His closet...

...and the master bathroom.

This is the laundry room, upstairs with the bedrooms <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp">

Hall bathroom.

This is the second bedroom, we will be using it as my husband's office.

This is the third bedroom, which will be my office slash guest room.

There is a nice big landing upstairs - this area will be so fun to dress up!

Downstairs, here is the living room with a sliver of the front door.

Dining Area and Kitchen

More Kitchen.

That is all the pictures of the Matisse (I'm realizing now I forgot the powder room and staircase, but don't worry, when I'm living in mine you will get to see every square inch!)

So you may have been wondering why all the exterior pics show three stories, but I only ever talk about two.  That's because there is a one floor home above ours, called the Reuben.

Here is the living room. ( I didn't get the dining area because there were customers there) 

Kitchen, pretty similar to the other model but a hair smaller.

Second bedroom.

The master bathroom (kind of a crappy shot, sorry :( )

Hall bathroom.

Master Bedroom.

Hope you enjoyed that.  I wish the pictures were better.  I think I need to add a fancy camera to my ever growing wish list ;)

Of course I had to go check on my house while I was there.  I haven't taken a full building shot in a while, so I got one of those:

And the bay windows got finished off with the siding/trim work

There are a bunch of inspections that need to be done by the county this week before we can move into the drywall phase.  Hopefully they go smoothly and the work starts back up fast!

xx Heather

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