Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 Baking Challenge - December

Well, the year kind of went out with a flop. My final baking project of the year was this Chocolate-Chestnut Mousse Cake.

Here is the lovely magazine photo:

Martha Stewart

And here is how mine turned out:

I don't know what caused mine to turn into a puddle, but here are some theories:
1)  I could not find chestnuts anywhere!  so I just made all chocolate mousse - maybe the nuts added stability
2)  I was not in my kitchen, therefore who knows?
3) It was in a spot in the fridge that just wasn't cold enough

Even though it looked a mess, it tasted really good.

I'll keep on going with making the Save Room For.. article in every issue of MSL {unless it is unappealing to me and my family}

And guess what my Santa-Hubby got me for christmas - a new camera!

Yeay!! no more camera-phone pictures {I can't use it until I get a memory stick because the camera can only hold 3 photos}



  1. Oh no on your dessert and oh yes on your present! No camera for me but I do have some other theories on your dessert. I've found that if my bowl is not extremely clean the cream won't turn into "soft peaks". If no soft peaks, no mousse. Also, if you had to mix in any hot stuff into said soft peaks it might have melted your peaks. I've made the mistake of mixing in warm chocolate into my whipped cream and melted the entire thing. If none of the above applies, then I don't know. Glad it still tasted yummy! Looks are so over-rated in a dessert anyhow :).

  2. I believe that I did add the chocolate while it was hot, so that was probably where I went wrong.

  3. Cute camera. It is perfect for you!


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