Saturday, May 15, 2010

SCC Supply Box Swap

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage hosted a supply swap for all of her readers and it was so much fun!! She paired me up with a wonderful girl named Andrea. I got my box today and it was filled to the brim with the most amazing stuff!!

Everything came in a cute fabric box.  Inside was this wooden birdhouse.  Too cute!  Can't wait to decorate it.  There was a also a huge spray of little pink flowers.

When I finally get a sewing machine, my first project will be turning this gorgeous piece of fabric into a pillow.

A package of brads, pretty paris stickers and a keyhole applique - swooning!

There is a metal H with hooks on the back so I can hang it up.  Isn't that little hanger the cutest thing ever?  And see that green packing tape?  It's actually patterned.

How pretty is that?

More cuteness - two fun clips, flower stickers, a white satin ribbon that says "love, cherish, together, forever" glitter and twine.

This star deserves a picture all its own.  I LOVE IT! I am going to have to design a project entirely around this :)

Some more amazing metal pieces and a white box for me to decorate.

The cutest metal tin and vintage magnets out there!

And tags!! I love tags!!  The baby shipping tags are adorable - I love the way Andrea decorated them; and I have always wanted those white tags with the silver frames.

Andrea, thank you so much for everything!  Anytime you have extra stuff you can send it to me :)

And thank you to Gina as well for hosting.

Silly me forgot to take pics of what I sent to Andrea - sorry :/


  1. Wow! Nice! I'll be checking back for some amazing projects!!

  2. That was a fun swap, wasn't it, Heather? You got some wonderful things! Lots of projects out of it all.


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