Saturday, May 29, 2010

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Did you all enjoy the 2000 celebration at Funky Junk Interiors?  And did you see that I was lucky winner of giveaway #1 - an adorable tote bag from Tangerine Totes!!

This is the bag I won, how cute?!?
Unfortunately, I never received it :(  Christine from Tangerine Totes sent it out super fast - it was scheduled to be delivered 2 days later.  But my local post office screwed up.  They marked it as delivered, but the package never made it to me.  They are trying to tell me that it must have been taken from my door step, but I'm not buying it.  I think it never made it or they brought it to the wrong apt.  And if it is the latter, that "neighbor" has failed to return it to me.

I'm pretty bummed that I won't get to use that awesome bag, but I am even more disappointed in whoever it was that blocked me from receiving this package.  The universe does have a funny way of working and I am sure it will all be worked out in the end.

Still, I'm sending out a huge THANK YOU to Donna for hosting such a fun party extravaganza and to Christine for offering and sending such a great prize.



  1. it is indeed a super cute bag. it's such a shame it was mis-delivered.

    i won a giveaway from a fellow blogger a couple of weeks ago and have yet to receive my prize..i even emailed the hostess and have not gotten a response. i have serious doubts my prize will ever come. she hosts lots of giveaways and i imagine that when you are the hostess, but not the actual person who sends out the prize, things can happen and well it's a shame.

    i hate it that you don't have your bag...and i don't have my apron...but like you win some, you lose some.

  2. Oh Heather, I'm so sorry to hear that! With a package, there should be a signature required upon delivery. If they leave it at the door...anyone can take it. One time the post office actually delivered an item to the wrong place. It was marked as delivered as well. SO frustrating!! :(

  3. OK, that is just not cool. Have you considered putting a note up in a place where all the neighbors can see it that says "Hi there, I'm missing a package! If you received it by mistake, please drop it on my doorstep..."

    Maybe it will guilt the person into returning it!

  4. I'm with Annabel. Guilt them into giving it back! So sad :(. I hope it somehow makes it to you!

  5. Heather,
    I wish the post office screwed up with mine. A blogger said a bunch of us had won fabric and I don't know about the others, but, I never received mine. I emailed her my address a number of times and she never sent me the fabric. She totally ignored me.
    Sorry to hear the Post Office lost your adorable tote bag.
    Alisha :-D


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