Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When Disaster Strikes...

... it strikes twice!

It started with my washing machine. Here is the wonderful, 20+ year old washer/dryer that was original to my apartment.

Pretty, right? Check out the vintage fonts and colors!!

It also came with some character. How did that happen?

The cold water had been on the fritz for a while, barely trickling in. It took at least 2 hours to run a cycle. I called maintenance to come take a look and they told me I'd be getting a new machine. I snapped some pics while they were swapping the old one for the new one. Brace yourself, this is gross!!


AHH!! They removed that disgusting, broken pan and cleaned the floor before installing the new one.

Here is the new and much smaller washer/dryer I got. It works, it does quick cycles, and the dryer beeps when it is done - yeay!!

So, the same day I got my new washer installed, my microwave decided to get in on the action. I was making popcorn and heard a load pop/bang noise. The glass plate shattered!!

How does that happen? It totally freaked me out.

I was able to find a replacement part online and a few days later I had a new plate. It is a little smaller, but it works.

I was waiting for a third disaster, but I guess this was just a two-fer special.



  1. I have had this happen to me too, Heather. I usually tell my hubby that I'm getting the heck out of there before it's me that falls apart next! Freaky about the plate in the microwave, not sure about that one. The week's not over yet, so be alert! : )

  2. That is a little spooky! Hopefully if there's a third appliance mishap, it will be something tiny. Like your Crest spin brush running out of batteries. No more biggies, please! :)

  3. That's kind of scary about the plate in the microwave - eek. You'd think a microwave glass thingy that comes with the mic wouldn't spontaniously combust. Sheesh! Glad you were able to get a new plate....and a new washer/dryer!! That's so awesome!!


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