Monday, July 16, 2012

Customize Your Automatic Soap Dispenser

Have you tried out these handy little kitchen gadgets?  The Lysol No-Touch Hand and Kitchen Soap Dispensers? 

I love how they just squirt out some soap for you, especially when my hands are all icky.  The hand soap is great, but the kitchen soap wasn't doing it for me.  The scent was fine, but it just didn't cut the grease and clean my pots and pans as well as what I had previously been buying (Dawn).

So I figured it was a worth a shot to see if I could refill the empty soap container with my own soap and it worked!!

Turn off the switch in the back, and then give your empty bottle a tug to remove it.

Carefully pry off the cap.  My husband used the flat head screwdriver from his swiss army knife.  Rinse out the remains of the old soap.

You can see where the plastic got a bit mangled:

Now just pop that cap back into place...

 Stick it back in the dispenser, and you are ready to go!

xx Heather

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  1. Hmmm...that is really clever. Glad it worked out for you...I've been hesitant to try them because I don't want their brand of soap.

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