Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let's Talk Paint

Paint has been one of the things on my mind the most concerning the new house.  The builder will be painting the whole house white with white trim.  White trim I like, white walls - I'm so over it!!

My husband and I decided that in the week (or two) between closing and actually moving in we are going to paint three areas of the house: Master Bedroom, including the two walk-in closets; both upstairs bathrooms; and the laundry room.

The two other bedrooms, hallway and living/dining room will be dealt with later.

I've had it in my head for some time now that I wanted to paint our bedroom walls dark grey (gray?  can someone let me know which is right? k, thanks) and accent with pink.  I think it was a House Beautiful article that did it to me.

Here are some of the inspiration photos that I've pinned recently:

Pretty sure that we will be going with Zinc from Martha Stewart:

I like it because it is dark without being too dark and it works really well with our carpet selection.  The undertones are also spot on - not too cool or too brown.

The laundry room is another area that I've known what I wanted to do with for a long time.  A few years back when I first started nosing around home decor/DIY blogs I saw a bunch of laundry rooms get all prettified and my favorites were the ones done with turquoise paints and white cabinets.

I've got it down to two colors, Lagoon from Martha Stewart:

or Sweet Rhapsody from Behr:

The last rooms that I am picking paints for are the two upstairs bathrooms.  They are getting the same tile and they will be getting the same paint.  I have four colors that I'm drawn to and they each pick up different shades that are in the mosaic tiles, remember these?

Natural Twine from Martha Stewart:

It is a perfect match to the dark glass tiles, but the room has no natural light and it is probably going to be too dark.

Buckwheat Flour from Martha Stewart:

Mushroom Bisque from Behr:

I like those two the best, but if after making large test boards they turn out to be too dark as well, I think this color will work great - Weathered Sandstone from Behr:

Now that I've got all my paint chips gathered and sorted, there won't be too much to do for a while.  Around the time of our Pre Dry-wall meeting I will buy the little $3 sample pots, paint some poster board and bring it out to the house to make my final selections.

Our Pre-construction meeting is coming up on July 30th!!!!  Construction will be underway by the end of that week :)

xx Heather

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  1. What an exciting and life changing endeavor! I love the colors you have picked. What is your inspiration for the laundry room? Do I sense a theme, perhaps? :) This is a great process to go thru. We started it once, but the builder (in Sacramento) had some quality issues we weren't comfortable with, so we backed out and never did it again. I wish we did. Oh, to have all the bright shiny things you picked out, must be wonderful!! The lagoon paint looks so different on your pt 2 entry, but I LOVE the color on this post, above. You've inspired me to do some updating, too. Now that I'm stuck inside for the winter, I can get some things done! I live in Spokane, cold and (will be soon) snowy... like you, probably...


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