Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms I am most excited about in the new house.  I have so many problems with our current kitchen - crappy, tiny fridge, not enough counter space, not enough cabinet space, no pantry and floors that are totally worn out and look dirty no matter what.

I'm not the biggest fan of Cherry, but the options we had weren't super red so I was happy :)

Timberlake Wyoming Cabinets in Cherry Bordeaux

This is nothing like what our kitchen will look like, but it shows our cabinet choice off much better than the image above:

 timberlake cabinetry
This however, is a photo of the model:
ryan homes

The above granite looks a lot like what we chose (not sure if it is though).  It is called Giallo Veneziano; most of the slabs are a nice creamy brown.  It does have some hints of pink, so I just have to pray that ours doesn't have too much:
  home depot

The appliances also look to be about what we chose - side by side refrigerator with ice maker and filtered water (hooray, no more constantly filling the brita :)) microwave above the range, a 5 burner range, the center is an oval ::so cool:: , and the dishwasher  you can't see but is next to the sink.

And then there is the backsplash...
We weren't loving any of the options so we chose some tiles that were outside of our package.  When the price came back WOWZERS it was $$$$$$.  Turns out it will be cheaper and we will get more of what we want if we do them on our own.  I saw some .5"x.5" tiles that were very pretty and I'd like to add in some of the metallic accent tiles.  Something like this:

Unless I decide to go with a 1"x1" mosaic.  Hmm, so many cool options, thankfully I have a few months to decide.

I think that covers everything in the Kitchen, there is just so much going on I feel like I'm always forgetting something :/ 

Forgot to say, all the hardware will be Oil Rubbed Bronze. 

xx Heather

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  1. Your kitchen is going to be beautiful! You are going to love that gas range...5!.

    congrats on the new home.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class


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