Monday, July 9, 2012

The Beginning of My Target Wishlist

I'm so happy that the heat wave is over!!!  Were you effected?  This weekend was just brutal.  Our current apartment leaks air so badly and the A/C can't cope when the temperature starts to get over 90 degrees.  Our new home builders have won several awards for energy efficiency and they are building the tightest homes on the market :)  Next summer should be much more comfortable.

I came across two great finds while doing my weekly shopping at Target today.  I didn't buy either (my husband thinks it is a little nuts to be buying things when we haven't even broke ground yet), but I will be pinning them.

The first is this super cute mirror:

I couldn't find the price in store or online :(  I don't have a spot in mind, but if I find one I'll most likely pick it up.

My second find is this shower caddy for about $25:

It is so perfect for our master bathroom!  It is ORB just like all of our other hardware. The shower has a bench seat in it, so I'll eventually buy two of these (one for each of us) and set them in the corners of the bench.  They will be the perfect height and provide plenty of storage for all our stuff.

It is going to be interesting sharing a bathroom again.  Our first apt in Georgia only had one bathroom and we lived there for three years.  Our current apartment has two bathrooms, so for the past six years we've each had our own.  Now that we will have a larger master bathroom with two sinks we are going to give this sharing thing a shot.

Do you share a bathroom with your significant other?
Have you done it both ways? Which worked out better?

xx Heather

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