Monday, February 8, 2010

A Gift for My Brother

My brother is one cool cat.  He went to school for film editing and he has worked on some pretty cool projects since graduating - including music videos for Def Jam.

He is also in a band, Royal City Riot.  They are a Reggae band and my brother plays the organ a.k.a. keyboard.

I found this clapper keychain at Michaels on super sale and I had to buy it for him.  I finally got around to getting it ready to mail to him.  You like?

I cut the city scene from the Plantin cricut cartridge and his bands logo and glued them onto black cardstock.  I love how to logo kind of looks like a moon.

I dipped a pencil into white-out to write on the plastic.

I hope he likes it and doesn't think it is too cutesy.


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