Saturday, November 28, 2009

For all the RH of ATL fans...

After hemming and hawing over whether we should spend the money to upgrade from the regional coach class train to the business class express train, our decision to upgrade was rewarded with passes to the first class lounge. And what do you know, two minutes later in walks Nene and Greg Leakes. She was wearing dark sunglasses, all thin and tall and fabulous, but her husband was instantly recognizable. And for full confirmation that it was them, the desk attendant called his name over the PA system. It totally made the upgrade worthwhile.


I was so excited, my heart rate skyrocketed and my breathing got all quick. She is my favorite of all the ATL housewives.

I also thought it was so nice that it was just a husband and wife traveling together, no assistants, or entourage, or camera crew!

This is my second encounter with a housewife {I met Bethany from NY in Atlantic City when she was promoting her book}


at the end of the night, this was our view from the taxi waiting line.

Merry Christmas, I'm so excited that the season is officially here!!

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